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Age Guidelines

Guidelines for accepting students younger than 14

This is a subject that has caused distress and heartache for the Board of Directors. As homeschoolers ourselves, we understand that children move at their own pace, and may indeed be ready academically for high school.  As parents, we also understand that such a child may not, in fact, be mature enough socially to function well in the classroom environment.  In an effort to help parents understand the concerns of the Board we present these points for consideration when this issue is under advisement:


  • Class size – we like tutors to have full classes.
  • Willingness of the tutor – we like to leave the decision to accept an underage student with the tutor as much as possible.
  • The maturity level of the prospective student – students who may be mature academically may not be emotionally. This presents problems for the other students and for the tutor.
  • All underage students are accepted on probation – if problems are reported to the Board by tutors, study hall monitors or fellow students, the probationer may be requested to leave. There will be little leeway in this matter.


Parents will be informed about the acceptance of underage students no later than 27 June, which is three weeks after the deadline for registration. We wish to give 14 year-olds first chance, but if a class looks unlikely to fill, tutors may give approval early. This should still give interested underage students enough time to prepare books and materials for classes should they be accepted.


The Board hopes that parents will try to look at this issue from all points of view, while it tries to be understanding and make the best decision for St. Peter the Rock as a whole.