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Why Send Your Student To SPR

St. Peter the Rock 11th Grade US History Class visit the New York Stock Exchange.  Pictured here with the President of the NYSE, Bowie native, Tom Farley.

  St. Peter the Rock 11th grade US History Class at the New York Stock Exchange.  
  Pictured here with the President of the NYSE and Bowie son, Tom Farley (center).

Why Send Your Student to 

St. Peter the Rock Tutorial?

St. Peter the Rock Tutorial assists homeschooling parents in preparing their children (grades 8-12) with a solid academic foundation and a faithful moral perspective before matriculating to college. Because all of our tutors either currently or formerly homeschooled their own children, they bring decades of experience teaching students with various learning styles. The tutors work as a team to integrate courses so that literature complements history, science demonstrates math, critical thinking prepares students for all future classes, and field trips and science labs enrich book learning.

St. Peter the Rock's tutors collaborate to ensure that all students actively participate in our Western civilization program, which begins in 8th grade (Ancient Civilizations) and continues through 12th grade. Literature courses reflect this emphasis on Western civilization and provide students with opportunities to discuss, and analyze poems, fiction, and plays ranging from Antigone​ to Hamlet​ to Fahrenheit 451.

All students have the opportunity to attend daily Mass before the school day begins. Priests from Sacred Heart offer the sacrament of Reconciliation to students on a regular basis.

St Peter the Rock offers a variety of field trips. A group of students will visit Québec City in February 2019 to attend the Winter Carnival, tour the Basilica of St.-Anne-de-Beaupré, and, of course, practice their French. In January 2018, a St. Peter the Rock parent, who is a registered lobbyist, graciously arranged a field trip opportunity for our 11t​ h​ graders, giving them the chance to tour his office, meet his colleagues, learn what lobbyists actually do, and tour the U. S. Capitol. In April 2018, this 11t​ h​ grade class traveled to New York City to tour the New York Stock Exchange as part of the Personal Finance class. Students in Madame McClain's French II class enjoyed exploring French cuisine at a local restaurant earlier this year, and her French I class put on a French fashion show for the entire school, in French. The 8t​ h​ grade attends the vocations Mass in April at the Basilica in Washington, DC, St. Peter the Rock parent involvement in our program allows us to offer these relevant field trips and more to our students each year.

St. Peter the Rock students participate in more biology labs than any local traditional high school offers, and they take two ecology field trips, one in the fall to a local creek off the Chesapeake Bay and one in the spring to Jug Bay Wetlands to experience hands-on biology. On the physical science side, Dr. Bunge offers an after-school astronomy program every other year. Students interested in STEM careers, military service academies, and science scholarship opportunities can bolster their STEM credentials by participating in Dr. Bunge's astronomy class in addition to the physical science, biology, chemistry, and physics classes offered to St. Peter the Rock students each year..

St. Peter the Rock 's 12th grade year continues this emphasis on the intersection of world history, philosophy/apologetics and literature with a focus on how today's young adult Catholics can intellectually engage with modern thinkers and with movers and shakers from previous eras. Pre-calculus (with a CLEP-preparatory emphasis) and physics round out this year-long program, featuring practical demonstrations when coursework intersects so that students observe applications in mathematics.

As students progress through their time at St. Peter the Rock, they are continually challenged to grow in holiness, think critically, develop solid problem-solving skills, and learn independently through Socratic discussions in history classes, literary analysis, proper scientific methods with increasing complexities, and challenging math classes. By graduation, students have the well-rounded education that will help them succeed in the future, both academically and morally. 

The party after the French Fashion Show put on by Mme McClain's French I class, and celebrating Christmas dress-down-day all on the same day.

Students building a spaghetti bridge in Critical Thinking class.
Students building a spaghetti bridge in their Critical Thinking class.

SPR Students enjoying one of the days we celebrating Halloween.  There are several days during the year when students can dress according to a theme to  encourage and celebrate school spirit.
Students celebrating school spirit with our  "Out of Uniform" day for Halloween.

Pigeon dissection during biology lab.

Physical Sciences students learned how they can use the electromagnetic force and Morse Code to send messages to each other